By Nathan Rudyk

market2world's served as the outsourced marketing team for Homesol Building Solutions Inc. for a couple of years now. Working with an ambitious, visionary CEO at the top of his game, we've taken the company from a largely regional footprint to one with national and international business opportunities that frequently garners and receives global recognition for leading edge residential energy design that puts the "G" in Green Building.

Homesol's CEO, Ross Elliott, has been dubbed "Mr. Energy" by the media for his insistence that homes don't have to be "leaky, uncomfortable, energy guzzling ... when we know a better way". Ross, who is one of Canada's first Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHCs), is now actively training the next generation of Passive House architects, engineers, designers and contractors to build homes that meet the world’s highest residential energy design standard. As someone practising his trade from Canada, one of the world's coldest countries, economically building to the Passive House standard is no mean feat. But it can be done, and Homesol is showing the world how.

A long-time blogger, this Spring Ross gave us the go-ahead to ramp Homesol's social marketing strategy, starting with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – social media he had explored as a curious entrepreneur, but knew his company needed help with to create maximum impact. We got busy, and I'll let Ross tell the story from here on this day-in-the-life Twitter case study (as excerpted from his blog):

Our marketing team at market2world communications inc. told me this kind of thing would happen, but it's kind of breathtaking when it actually does.

  1. I tweeted our Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) Training course press release yesterday. (We've assembled a four-person North American team to offer Passive House training at Ryerson University in Toronto over nine days starting July 31st. It's the first such course in Canada being taught by people who are already Certified Passive House Consultants. Click here for more info.)

  2. I was retweeted by Mary Ginn, architectural designer, green building pioneer and co-inventor of the polystyrene/concrete Cornerstone Building System in New Zealand, to her 809 followers.

  3. Mary's tweet was in turn picked up by Passive House News online daily put out by The Passive House Ukrainian Initiative Group (incidentally, you can subscribe to our Homesol's Passive House & LEED news daily here)

  4. In less than 24 hours, the made-in-Ukraine Passive House News online daily was tweeted 715 times to countless more followers, shared on LinkedIn 223 times, and Liked on Facebook 15 times.

Phew. From Canada to New Zealand to Ukraine and all points in between! It's a hyper-connected, hyper-social world we live in. I hope it all helps to inspire the next generation of Passive House architects, engineers, contractors and designers who want to improve both energy and environmental skills while learning how to build the kind of home that clients want and will pay more to buy.

And thanks to the journalists who have so far picked up on our press release to spread the news about Passive House momentum in North America and beyond. I've done one interview so far, have another lined up and you can read ongiong news from Homesol here.

(Nathan Rudyk is President and CEO with market2world communications inc., the public relations and product marketing agency for global innovators.)