The West End Well Co-operative is a community owned café, grocery store, and meeting space based in the dynamic Hintonburg community of Ottawa. It features local farm produce and dairy products, as well as breakfast, lunch, snacks, coffee, and tea, as well as local beer and wine. I had a chance to interview Bill Shields, the Chair of the West End Well’s Board of Directors. . Thank you Bill, for taking time to talk to me about the West End Well—I am excited to hear its story! So what exactly is the West End Well and what is unique about it? . We are a community-owned café, grocery, and learning center that promotes a sustainable and vibrant community. We’re working to make local, nutritious food accessible to everyone while paying local food producers a fair price, strengthening the local food system, and paying our employees a living wage. We want to offer an experience in which each person can find the nourishment they seek when they come here, and also contribute to the wellbeing of others around them.   When you say “We,” are you referring to the other members of the co-op? Who are they, and how did you […]