. PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION . Ottawa Business Owner Pitches his Amazeballs on CBC’s Dragons’ Den March 7, 2016 ­ Ottawa, ON ­​Ottawa business owner Dan Fallak will make his first appearance on CBC’s Dragons’ Den on March 16th to discover if his ‘Amazeballs’, unique drink chillers, have quenched the Dragons’ thirst to strike a deal. . Fallak found an opportunity in the market when no other beverage chillers added creativity to their cocktails, in his own words, he deemed it “time your drinks got some balls”. Unlike ice, his stainless steel Amazeballs will not water down and dilute your favourite beverage, or change the flavour, and they perform twice as well, twice as fast, and for twice as long as the market leader. . Dragons’ Den is where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business concepts and products to a panel of Canadian business moguls who have the cash and the know­how to make it happen. Having already started three successful businesses, Fallak recognized a viable idea when he saw one. He approached the Dragons hoping for their help to meet the rapidly increasing demands of Amazeballs. . The general public and local supporters are encouraged to tune in to […]