By Nathan RudykIt's been a fanstastic 10-year run at market2world, and I've been fortunate to have great clients and a great team to work with over the past, very fast decade.One of those clients is MEMEX Inc. Now the company's first-ever Vice Presi

By Nathan RudykGood things happen to good countries. Great things happen to countries that seek greatness. And seeking greatness is exactly what CENGN is doing over the next two weeks as its team travels across Canada in search of technologies and t

By Nathan Rudyk (first submitted to The Millstone News on Oct. 26th)Photo by Glenna WattsIt was to be a trip down the 401 like any other. My wife Glenna and I were heading first to Toronto, then to Niagara-on-the-Lake to visit friends and family.Giv

By Paul BrentImagine your firm finished a trade show with 800+ sales leads, gained more than two dozen media interviews that included video segments from the show floor and a six minute video profile that played on every big screen TV at the show pl

By Nathan RudykReceivables Insurance Association of Canada Web siteIt's always gratifying to give life to a new brand, and even more gratifying when a year later our client testifies to our results.Ian Miller, the handsome (that's him to the rig

By Nathan RudykCanada's fast becoming a go-to country, if not THE go-to country. Our friends at The Consider Canada City Alliance say the IMF and OECD expect Canada to lead all G7 countries in economic growth. The World Economic Forum has ranked Can

By Nathan RudykIt's launch-day for DriveLogik, a new product from RiskLogik – an accomplished enterprise resilience software company that includes transportation companies as its customers. DriveLogik is a driver-focused fix that can deliver s

By Paul BrentThe Intelligent Community Forum is based in New York City and works with communities large and small from around the world to help them adopt and adapt to the opportunities of the Broadband Economy.The Intelligent Community Forum became

By Nathan Rudykmarket2world is very proud to have conceived and promoted the Consider Canada City Alliance brand from its inception in 2011, and to have publicized its early beginnings as first the "C-9" and then "C-11".Thanks to the leadership of t

By Nathan RudykJohn Jung (right) in action with Chinese investorsIf you're an economic development manager, anywhere, here's your required reading to launch 2014, as authored by John Jung.Over several years the market2world team has had the pleasure

Thanks to our clients, suppliers and friends, the market2world team is proud to support Take Young People Seriously (TYPS), the amazing youth centre in Almonte, Ontario.Throughout the year, TYPS youth take part in after-school, mental health, commun

By Jill McCubbinmarket2world communications inc., the agency for global innovators, has proudly supported the International Credit Brokers Alliance (ICBA)’s marketing efforts since 2007. ICBA is the world’s largest team of specialist trade credit insurance brokerages offering trade credit and political risk insurance solutions for multinational companies worldwide.New ICBA Web site in

By Jennifer JamesIn an interactive Internet world filled with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, why are e-newsletters still an important and valuable part of a marketer’s tool kit? According to Michael Katz, author of a popular e-newsletter about e-newsletters, it’s because they’re an “electronic desktop alternative to lunch w

By Jill McCubbinIn my last post I wrote about the importance of advance planning for tech tradeshows. I’m pleased to report Macworld 2009 in San Francisco was a very successful tradeshow for market2world client and Mac business software developer Marketcircle Inc. Daylite Touch won Macworld Expo Best of Show 2009. Daylite Touch gives workgro

By Jill McCubbinmarket2world provides our clients with a blogging best practices document before they start posting. A key message from this document: “Good bloggers are honest, enthusiastic and engaging. They get to the point and initiate con

To thank our community of clients, suppliers and friends in the innovation economy, we've gathered the top 20 blog posts from the 2008 archives of The New Way Things Are. As you anticipate the challenges of 2009, we hope you can cruise and click on

By Jennifer JamesOver the past month I’ve jumped back into Twitter after a long hiatus (follow me: @jennifer_red). Since being back I’ve noticed one change: a lot of CEOs are using Twitter to broadcast company news. A fortunate offshoot of this trend is that company champions and customers are helping CEOs drive their content even deep

By Jill McCubbinTechnorati shows that yes, they do, constantly.Keyword popularity across the BlogosphereThis chart illustrates how many times blog posts across the Blogosphere contained the following keywords."public relations" vs. "product marketing" vs. "social media"» Configure this widget for your site! The Technorati-generated gr

By Jill McCubbinAlthough conventional business practice – especially tech business where “first mover advantage” is a mantra – states being first to market creates competitive advantages, reality proves more complicated. John Tozzi’s Small Biz, BusinessWeek article Think Twice About Being First to Market offers sound

By Nathan RudykBruce Cockburn is one of my favourite singer-songwriters, and if I'm having a really tough day with no end in sight his left-wing lyrical rant against right wing ideologies invades my brain: "The trouble with normal is it always gets worse." Fortunately, the clouds always clear and I'm soon humming something more happy like "I get b

By Nathan RudykI just listened to a CFRA AM radio podcast interview with respected automotive analyst Dennis DesRoisiers who said the $15 Billion Canada is giving to prop up General Motors and Chrysler could otherwise underwrite the salaries of 20,000 engineers for THREE YEARS to totally reinvent the automobile as we know it.He goes on to say that

By Jill McCubbinCEOs of most 21st century businesses instinctively understand their marketing communications mix is incomplete without a business blogging/micro-blogging agenda. And, it’s not just blogs like market2world’s that preach this idea. From BusinessWeek’s May 2009 update by Douglas MacMillan and Rebecca Reisner, Tweets

By Nathan RudykBetty Beard's article in today's Arizona Republic business section makes a solid case for why postcard marketing with digital campaign management is a great green alternative to the old fashioned approach to direct mail. AmazingMail's CEO Chris Lynde, one of market2world's newest clients, is also quoted extensively. Before we get to

By Nathan RudykMake an insanely useful smartphone device, and they will come, and they will surf.As a fairly recent iPhone convert (awaiting some billing shock after a recent U.S. client trip where I could have likely justified a Rogers plan upgrade), I found this Fortune Apple 2.0 report by Philip Elmer-DeWitt astounding.Elmer-DeWitt's report cit

By Nathan RudykOver the years I've had the distinct pleasure of contributing tech commentary to both CTV Ottawa (formerly CJOH-TV) in addition to being called on by BNN, Canada's national business news network. I received an email in advance of last weekend's "Save Local TV" open house from Paul Brent, CTV Ottawa's respected Tech Now show host, sa